HelloTeam Learning
These articles will help guide you through the HelloTeam Learning platform.
Resetting Your Account Password
Common Questions and Tasks
LMS Account Status Definitions
Public Courses
How do I view my course enrollments?
How do I launch a course?
How do I view my transcripts?
How do I view my certificates?
What is a SSL certificate, and do I need one?
LMS Best Practices
If I were to replace a lesson and there are users who are "In Progress" and/or has not completed the lesson yet...will it wipe out their progress and make them start over again?
How to add Internal Course History
How do I find and log into my LMS?
How to Enroll a Learner Into a Course.
How to Add External Course History
How to Add a New Group in HelloTeam Learning
Creating a Group Enrollment
Quick Start Guide for LMS Administrators
Customizing Your LMS Design
Managing Certificates
How to Enroll Learners into a Session
Adding a New User Account to the LMS
How to Create / Edit a Course
Uploading learning objects to the LMS
How to Import Users into the LMS
How to run a report
How to Create a Course Catalog
How Restricted Catalogs Work
How to Configure a Course Catalog
How to create and Modify a SCORM Learning Object (Lesson)
Training Calendar
Change Password for a User
Managing Group Enrollments
Course Developer Resources
Troubleshooting SCORM with Preview/Debug Feature
Troubleshooting SCORM Files with Chrome Developer Tools
Troubleshooting SCORM Learning Object Settings
Troubleshooting Course Settings
Managing Assessments
Survey Assessments - Build & Deploy powerful feedback tools in your Courses
Access Permissions
User Permissions Breakdown