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Building Your HelloTeam Profile
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Select the My Profile button under the Main list on to the left of your employee dashboard.

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Start to build your profile by hovering over the sections that are currently blank.

Some information will be populated for you already. Click on the No summary added text to open the text box for you to begin typing.

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When you have completed your text, select the blue check mark at the bottom right of the text box to save.

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Feel free to complete your profile and include all information you may find relevant.

If you would like to add your last position, hover over the EXPERIENCE widget and input information about your last role.

You can also hover over the EDUCATION widget to input your educational institution.

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You can also upload a photo of yourself. Select the orange camera button on the bottom right corner of the square in the upper left corner of your profile.

You can either upload a file directly or use your webcam if you allow the site access. Select the blue “crop” button in the bottom left corner of the wizard’s screen.

The minimum picture size 250x250 px where 250 and 250 are the minimum allowed picture size when cropping an image. b. Appropriate file formats are png, jpg, jpeg, gif with size limit of 14MB.

Profile Visibility

The HelloTeam platform helps to enhance connectivity and visibility across your organization. This can sometimes get confusing as to who can see what. Let’s dig into what can be seen by whom on your My Profile page.

By default, all of your colleagues will be able to see all of the information listed on the Profile page of the My Profile module.

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You have the ability to edit and remove certain boxes temporarily from the bottom section of this profile such as Education or Skills I’d Like To Have. By hovering the three options you will see the option to toggle the timeframe. By clicking on the one of the three options, the information will be removed from your profile temporarily.


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Now that we have covered your profile lets dig into the other options on the My Profile page:


You can see all reviews that have been completed related to you (self-reviews, manager reviews, peer evaluations, etc.), however, you may not be able to view all of the detail of those reviews pending your organizations sharing settings


Your goals visibility will all be determined by the type of goal that was entered. By default, everyone can see Company, Department, and Team goals. If you have input any personal goals, you have the ability to set these goals to private. Your manager and administrator will still have access to viewing these private goals, but others at the organization will not be able to view.


All files uploaded here will be visible only by their owner, owner’s supervisor and system administrator.


Your peers will not be able to see your feedback. Your manager and all those who are above them on the Org Chart will have access to viewing your feedback.

One on Ones

Everybody has access to your 1:1s tab. This is to help increase visibility across the organization. Peers can visit this tab to also set up a new 1:1 with you.

Skills Match

The Skills Match feature be found under the Main menu to the left of the page. After selecting Skills Match you will be brought to the Skills Match module.

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In order to get the most out of the module, we recommend that you fill out your profile’s Skills & Languages section to the best of your ability.

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On this page you will be able to filter by Skills, Ranks, Locations, Positions, Departments, and/or Responsibilities. This is a great place to come if you are working on a project that requires certain skillsets, such as working with a client who may speak a different language than you or if you are starting to work with a new software product that requires a certain certification.

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This module can be particularly helpful for managers or department heads who are searching for employees to help staff a new special project.

For example, let’s say you were working with a new product from the Adobe suite and you wanted to see if there were peers within your organization that could help you out. You would search for the skill Adobe under the Skills filter and a list would populate with all of those members of the organization that have that skill listed in their Skills & Languages section in My Profile.

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