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Release Notes (April 2022)
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In April 2022, we added some significant improvements to our survey tool!

We continue to hear feedback that people are looking for an even easier way to hear feedback from employee's outside of the traditional anonymous surveys we offer today. To help this problem we added a whole new type of surveys that will identify users directly from their accounts.

Non-Anonymous Surveys

There is now the ability to choose if surveys should be anonymous or non-anonymous when you build a new survey within HelloTeam. Non-Anonymous surveys include the name, email, and a link to the user’s profile with answers for reporting and analysis.

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Enhanced Survey Results

Non-Anonymous surveys now have access to a “Responses” tab on the results for enhanced analytics and insights. Administrators will now be able to track survey responders and also access any file uploads that have been uploaded.

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File Upload question type for Non-Anonymous Surveys

There is now a new File Upload question type that is available to use when building Non-Anonymous Surveys. File types supported: PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, CSV, JPG, JPEG, PNG Files uploaded to Non-Anonymous surveys will also be added to the responder’s HelloTeam profile in the newly created Survey Response Files section of the Documents tab.

What the admin will see when building the survey:

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What the employee will see when taking the survey:

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Additional Updates

  • Users are now able to Preview documents in browser on the Documents tab of the employee profile.

  • Improved loading times for the Employee’s list.

  • Users now able to import data/employees through UKG integration.

  • “Test Email” has been improved to reflect the proper selections chosen on the Digest Email.

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