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Viewing my Course Enrollments
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Once logged into the LMS, click the "Training"The tab.


By default, you'll see your "Current Enrollments".

Click the small white arrow to view your overdue, completed and expired enrollments. Please scroll down to see additional notes.


The time line for enrollments is as follows: Enrolled, Overdue, Expired.

Learners have 1 year to complete an enrollment when the enrollment becomes overdue.

Due dates are set by the admin when creating an enrollment.

If a learner self enrolls in a course, there is no due date. The learner has one year to complete the enrollment and then the enrollment expires.

Learners can be re-enrolled in a course(s) once their enrollment has expired. At any point in time, an admin can revoke an enrollment and then re-enroll the learner(s).

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