Building & Launching a Survey
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This article is intended for HelloTeam users with ADMIN Access Level

Video Tutorial

This video walks through the "Manage Surveys" tool in HelloTeam.

  • How to create a survey template

  • How to launch a survey

  • How to view results

Steps to Building & Launching a Survey

1. Log in to your HelloTeam Account.

2. Click on Manage Surveys on the left hand side menu.

3. Click Add New Survey.

4. Add a Title to your Survey.

5. Customize the survey with various options and question types.

6. Click Save when you have completed your draft.

7. To see the survey you had created, click on the Drafts tab.

8. Select the three line icon to the far right of the survey.

9. Select Manage Periods.

10. You will be brought to the Schedules page for your corresponding survey. Select Add New Schedule to the right of the screen.

11. Select if you would like the survey to be a One Time Schedule, Recurring or Always Active.

For a One Time Schedule, select the period of time you would like the survey to be active and the start time.

For a Recurring Schedule, select how often you would like the survey to be sent out, on which day and the time frame.

For an Always Active survey, select the start date and what time you would like it to start.

12. Click Next.

13. Choose if you are sending this survey to the whole company or to a select group of people.

If you are not sending this survey to the whole company, use the drop downs to select who you are inviting to the survey.

14. Click Next.

15. If you would like to add external participants outside of the organization, input their name and email addresses in the corresponding boxes. They will receive an email with a hyperlink when the survey is active.

16. Click Next.

17. Review the information on the final screen. If all is correct select Send.

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