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Using the HelloTeam Help Center
Using the HelloTeam Help Center
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HelloTeam has broken down our help center into 3 sections to best orient our users.

Employee Section

This section outlines help resources from the perspective of an employee. This will cover How To Guides on interacting with HelloTeam's main features. This is also applicable to People Managers and System Administrators when they are looking for resources on functions where they are acting as users for example filling out a performance review or completing a survey.

Manager Section

Managers should use the Manager Section of the Help Center when they are looking for resources specifically in the context of tasks related to people management in HelloTeam. This includes but is not limited to resources around managerial functions in a performance review cycle and using the My Team section in HelloTeam

System Administrator Section

System Administrators can use the Administrator section to search for resources on how to use HelloTeam's full feature list as well as best practices on how these tools can be implemented to get the best results.

How to Contact Support in HelloTeam

  1. Login to your HelloTeam account.

  2. Click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

  3. Click Send Us a Message.

    1. This will open a chat with one of our Support Team members. We will reply back to you in a few minutes, during normal business hours.

  4. You also have the ability to find your answer right away by searching in our articles. Ask us a question and our system will recognize the keywords, populating options of articles that will best help your question.

    1. Click on the Article you find best fit, allowing you to read it right from HelloTeam’s chat box.

    2. To see more articles, click See More Results. This will take you to our Help Center, our Support hub providing you with more helpful resources.
      You can also visit our Help Center by going to

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