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Obtaining your Personio Client Id and Secret for HelloTeam Integration

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This article is intended for HelloTeam users with ADMIN Access Level

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Written Instructions

Step 1: Log into your Personio account and visit Settings in the bottom left.

Step 2: Find the Integrations tile in your settings page. Go to API credentials.

Step 3: Click Generate New Credential.

Step 4: Add in a name and select other for the Integration.

For readable employee attributes, choose these attributes:

  1. Email

  2. First name

  3. Last Name

  4. Gender

  5. Hire date

  6. Last name

  7. Office

  8. Profile Picture

  9. Termination date

Step 5: You will then see your API Credentials populate. Copy and save these in a secure place!

Step 6: Be sure to share your Client ID & Secret with your HelloTeam representative so that they can complete your authentication.

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