Paychex - Integration & Data Import
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This article is intended for HelloTeam users with ADMIN Access Level

HelloTeam is able to integrate with your Paychex account to import all of your employee data. The first step to integrate will be to create the APP.

In Flex, open Company Settings, scroll down to Connected Applications and click the “Create App” button.

Populate the Name and Description fields, Select the appropriate Access for both components (if payroll is available), Read & Check the Agreement boxes, then Save.

The Key and Secret should be copied and Saved to pass along to their developer. [ If the secret is lost, the client can generate a new one any time].

If you need access to more than 1 company ID, you can link additional ID’s to the same application by doing the following:

Open the application and scroll down to Company Links and click “+Add Company Access

Add the companies and click Select

Inputting the Credentials into HelloTeam

  • Under System Management on the left-hand menu, scroll down to Import Data

  • Select the Paychex logo

  • Click on Manage Credentials

  • Enter in your PAYCHEX API Key and API Secret

  • Click the blue Save button

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