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Getting your TriNet Client ID and Secret for the HelloTeam Integration

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This article is intended for HelloTeam users with ADMIN Access Level

TriNet requires a Client ID and Secret, which you'll need to have provisioned for your account by the TriNet's team. You can get this provisioned for you by filling out this form.

1.) For the first step, select that you are a TriNet customer. For steps 2-6, answer basic business information about your company.

2.) For Step 7, there are two ways of answering, depending on your 3rd party platform:

If the platform you want to integrate with is a third-party pre-built integration, check Third-Party Pre-Built Integration:

Then for Steps 8-10:

  • Step 8: locate the proper category

  • Step 9: find the particular product you're integrating with

  • Step 10: press New Setup

If the the platform you want to integrate with is NOT a Third-Party Pre-Built Integration, select Custom Integration:

(A way to check is by clicking Third-Party Pre-Built Integration and seeing if it is on the list, and if it is not go back to Step 7 and select Custom Integration.)

  • Step 8: Select Other and fill out the name of the application you're integrating with.

  • Step 9: Provide TriNet details on the what need to be able to access in terms of data for the integration to work. These are the full permissions needed to sync all HRIS information with HelloTeam, you can remove ones which are not relevant for your use case.

GET /company/{company_id}/departments

GET /company/{company_id}/employees?viewType=All

GET /company/{company_id}/locations

GET /company/{company_id}/payroll-schedules

GET /company/{company_id}/paygroups

GET /manage-company/{company_id}/org-details

GET /payroll/{company_id}/{employee_id}/paychecks

GET /payroll/{company_id}/{employee_id}/paycheck-details/{id}

GET /payroll/{company_id}/{employee_id}/pay-info

And the following scopes:





3.) The final screen will have you Review and complete Company Officer Information, after which a TriNet representative will be in touch with you, typically within three to five business days.

Part 2: Finding your API Key and Secret:

1.) After the id and secret get added to your account, you can log into the Developer Portal, click on your email address in the upper right, and select Apps.

NOTE: You'll need to sign up for a Developer Account if you don't already have one since that is how TriNet deliver these credentials, which you can do here.

2.) You'll click the relevant app and then share the API Key and Secret with your HelloTeam representative.

Part 3: Finding your Company ID

  1. In your TriNet portal, go to Money.

  2. Navigate to Paychecks and Statements.

  3. View a paycheck.

  4. Find Company ID.

  5. Share your Company ID with your HelloTeam representative so that they can complete your authentication.

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