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Create Goals for Employees
Create Goals for Employees

How to Create goals for your employees as a manager

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Creating a Goal for an Employee

As a manager you will want to follow the steps below to create goals for your employees:

  1. Click on My Team on the left hand menu

  2. Select the Employee you wish to add goals to

  3. Go to the Goals tab on the top menu once on their profile

  4. Click on the "Add Goal" button on the top right of the page

  5. Add in the title, description, and weighting if necessary.

  6. Click on the Green Save button to save the goal.


Adding Key Results to Employee Goals

If you plan to use Key Results to track specific metrics towards completing the goal after hitting save you will want to continue on with these steps:

  1. Expand the goal you are looking to add a key result to

  2. Click on the add Key Result button

    *HelloTeam offers 3 types of key results. Percentage is just simply 0-100% slider bar tracker. Number is able to track numerically how close someone is to a target (ex. 25 out of 30 calls would update to 83%). Binary will give full credit if completed and 0% credit for being incomplete.

  3. Enter in the Key Result you have in mind for that goal

  4. Repeat as many times as necessary to get all key results entered


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