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Importing Employees from a CSV

This will explain the full process to import data from a CSV into HelloTeam

Building the CSV

To import employees to HelloTeam you will use the attached csv file below and enter your employees. BE AWARE in the reports to column it should be MANAGER EMAIL not the manager name. This csv will have to be updated each time you would like to import data into HelloTeam

Importing the Data

Once the file has been built you will need to navigate to the import data page which can be found on the bottom of the left hand menu. You will then select the CSV button which will be close to the bottom. You will be told to add the CSV file by either dropping it in the square or clicking on the add file button and then clicking on the blue upload button. This will begin adding all the users. You will then want to select the button to advance after it shows you the correct and incorrect users.

The screen will show all the changes/updates from the data you added from the CSV. You can go ahead and revert and planned changes by clicking on the trash icon to the right of the change.

At the bottom of the screen it will also show any incorrect data that shows up from the spreadsheet. This could be if an email is formatted incorrectly, data is missing from the spreadsheet, or a few other potential reason that would be explained in the system.

Once, this is all complete you are able to hit the next button at the bottom right until you get to the last phase of the wizard where you can hit the import button.

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