Completing a One-on-One

A walkthrough of preparing for and completing a one on one.

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After a one-on-one has been scheduled both participants are able to prepare for the meeting within the tool. During the meeting, users can add live comments and create action items. After the conversations have taken place, all notes will be archived and easily accessible to participants should they need to be referenced.


Once a one-on-one has been scheduled both participants will receive an email notification. Click on Prepare For The Meeting to be brought directly to the meeting page.

The meeting can also be accessed from the One on One tab on the employee profile. If there has been a meeting scheduled, the date and time of the meeting will populate. Click on the blue text to access the meeting page.

Once on the meeting page participants are able to prepare for the meeting by reviewing the talking points and also making any edits.

During the meeting

Users can add comments to talking points by clicking the + Add Comment buttons. Click on the blue checkmark to save the comment. Both participants will be able to see the comments unless they are listed in the My Private Notes section at the bottom of the page.

Users are also able to create action items on the Tasks section of the screen. Click +Add Task to create action items so that both participants have an understanding if something needs to be completed. Both participants will see all tasks created on the meeting screen.

Users can toggle the additional tabs on the right hand drawer to add goals, view high fives received, and view performance review results. Users will only be able to create goals, view high fives, and view review results only if the proper permissions are in place.

After the meeting

Once the meeting has been completed, all notes will be saved and archived. The participants can always revisit this meeting page by clicking on the date and time stamp of the meeting from the History tab on the one on one page.

The participants are also able to mark a meeting as Completed. This will indicate that this meeting did occur between the two participants. Once a meeting has been marked as Completed, no additional edits are able to take place on the meeting screen.

The participants can also export the conversation as a PDF. Click on the page icon to download a copy of the meeting title, details, and talking points with any comments.

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