Scheduling a One-on-One

A walkthrough of how to schedule a meeting with the one-on-one tool.

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The one-on-one tool allows two employees to have a regular check-in. This tool is great for managers to check in with their team in a streamlined fashion or for an employee who would like to schedule a recurring or one-time meeting with another peer within their organization.

Scheduling a One-on-One

The first step to scheduling a one-on-one will be to visit an employee’s HelloTeam profile. Once on the page, you will click on One on Ones from the tabs at the top of the profile.

Click the Schedule button to get started. Once the scheduling drawer opens, you are able to click on the four arrow icon in the top left of the drawer to expand the space.

Once the meeting scheduling tool is expanded, the meeting can be customized to the preferences of the individual who is scheduling the meeting.

Meeting Owner and Editing Rights

This setting allows the individual who is scheduling the meeting to decide if they would like both participants to be able to make edits to the meeting or if they will be the sole individual who can enter and edit information on the meeting page. Select “Allow Both” if both meeting participants should have access to inputting comments into talking points.

Title & Description

This setting allows the user the ability to add a Title and a Description to help them identify this meeting both on HelloTeam and on their Google or Outlook Calendar. The Title and Description that are entered are to be synced to the calendar's of both participants if the Calendar Sync tool is selected.

Date and Time

After confirming the meeting owner and editing righting and the Title and Description, the Schedule is able to be formed.

HelloTeam supports both One Time meetings and also Recurring meetings. For both One Time and Recurring meetings, click within the Start Date and Time boxes to set the date and time that works for both people.

Calendar Sync

After the date and time have been set up, click on the Google or Microsoft Calendar Sync icon to allow for a calendar invite to be sent once Save is clicked. If this is selected, both participants would receive 2 notifications: one to allow them to prepare for the meeting and one calendar invite.


The scheduler can also log the type of meeting that is occurring, either In Person or Virtual.

Talking Point Templates

The final piece of scheduling the one-on-one would be to select the talking points that will be discussed during the meeting. Click within the Talking Point Template box to get started. Any templates that have been created on the employee profile will appear on this list as well as a Default template.

The Default template is catered towards a conversation between a manager and their direct report. See below talking points included in the Default template below.

  • How are you tracking towards your goals?

  • Is there anything standing in the way of achieving those goals that I can be helpful with?

  • What do you plan on working on next?

  • Do you like working in the company and with your peers?

  • Is there anything the company or I can do to improve?

  • Are there any new skills that you would like to learn that will help you in your role?

  • Further discussion items.

Select the New Template option if there are specific talking points that you would like to discuss in the meeting. Add at least one talking point and click the blue check mark to save.

Select the No Template option if there is no specific agenda that should be discussed.

Once the talking points have been selected, the meeting is ready to be scheduled. Click on the blue Save button to schedule the meeting.

A green popup will appear in the top right corner of the HelloTeam page to confirm that the meeting has been scheduled. The participants will then receive email notifications to prepare for the meeting.

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