Performance Review Share Settings

A walkthrough of the Share Settings that are available for performance reviews.

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The Share Settings allow for controls over the visibility of review results, total scores, and calculation of the total score. Share Settings are custom to the Performance Review template and should be verified and updated each time a new template is created and each time a review period is going to be scheduled for existing templates.

Share Settings are accessed by clicking Manage Reviews and then the three-bar icon next to the template that should be updated.

Sharing Review Results

“Allow Managers to review the results of their direct report” – This will allow the direct manager of employee access to the review results of a template, even if they are not a participant in the review.

“Allow Evaluated employees to see the results of their own reviews on their profile reviews tab”- This will allow the evaluated employee to see the results on their own profile page. This option should be removed if the employee being reviewed should not have access to the results of the review.

“Include Granulated Report” – This allows the manager or employee access to the granulated results of the review. If there were multiple participants that were included in the review, the manager or employee would be able to see the responses broken down by participant.

Sharing Review Total Score

The Review Total Score (also called General Score) is the weighted average of all scale/rating questions. Results from the following question types will be included in the Total Score: Scale, Matrix Scale, Star Rating

The following options are available to edit who has access to the Total Score on the Share Settings:

· Include total score visibility for everyone.

· Include total score for Managers and up the hierarchy only (this will include admins with permission and will not include the individual employees).

· Do not include the total score at all, it will not be included as part of the review for anyone.

Review General Score Calculation

When the Total Score is enabled, there are controls on the Share Settings to decide how the Total Score (General Score) will be calculated.

The following options are available to decide how the Total Score will be calculated on the Share Settings:

· Include all evaluations in the general score of the review.

· Only include the Manager's evaluation in the general score of the review.

Individual Settings

Outside of review participants, additional employees can have access to certain aspects of the review template.

The following additional permissions are able to be added on a template-by-template basis for individual users:

· Can View – employee can view the review template

· Can Edit – employee can edit the review template

· Can Delete – employee can delete the review template

· Can Send – employee can schedule the review template

· Can View Results – employee can view review results from participants for template

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