Performance Review Settings

A walkthrough of the Settings that are available for performance reviews.

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There are settings that are available for Performance Reviews that allow for additional steps in the review process to be easily added and customization of the notifications that employees will receive for the process. Settings are specific to the Performance Review template and should be verified and/or updated each time a new template is created and each time a review period is going to be scheduled for existing templates.

Access the settings by clicking Manage Reviews and then the three-bar icon next to the template that should have Settings updated. Click on Settings to get started.

Performance Review Settings - Process

After selecting Settings the below image will populate. Each of the four options will impact the flow of the performance review process.

“Allow direct managers to return reviews for revision” – This allows the direct manager of an employee to return reviews to make edits without having to reach out to a system administrator to do so for them. If this is not selected, employees and managers will need to reach out to a system administrator to have a review returned to them.

Require the user’s direct manager to sign off on review results.” – This requires that the direct manager of the employee being reviewed sign off on the review results that have been submitted. The direct manager is identified by who is listed in the Reports To section of the employee profile.

“Require the direct manager to push results to users.” – This allows the direct manager control over when to release review results to their direct reports. If this setting is not enabled, the review results will be able to be accessible to the employee being reviewed immediately if they have access via Share options.

“Require users to sign off on review results” – This requires that the employee being reviewed sign off on the review results.

Performance Review Settings – Notifications

Notifications are able to be customized after the settings have been enabled for the review process. Once a setting is selected, the corresponding notification will be automatically enabled. You are able to remove the notifications by clicking on the blue check mark next to the notification that you would like to remove.

The following notifications can be updated from the Settings tab:

-Notify Manager that their direct report submitted a review.

-Notify employee that review was returned for revision.

-Notify the direct report once the manager signs off on the review.

-Notify the direct report once the manager has published there review.

-Notify the direct manger once the user has singed off on the review.

The following notifications are enabled for reviews and cannot be updated:

-Employees will be automatically reminded every 7 days about pending reviews until they have submitted it, at which point the notifications will be stopped

-Managers will be notified when their direct report employees submit a self evaluation

-Managers will be notified when anyone submits a review for their direct report employees

-Managers will be notified anytime their direct reports submit a review

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