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How to report on One on Ones

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HelloTeam offers 2 ways to report on One on Ones that are happening within the HelloTeam platform. These reporting views are only visible to users with the Administrator permission level. These reports are found in the reports submenu on the left hand side of your screen.

Activity Report

The activity report in HelloTeam gives administrators great visibility into overall trends with One on Ones. This gives a view of how many total One on Ones are happening each month over a given period of time. This view can also be filtered down to look at total meetings by location, department, employment type, and team. To view the chart without a specific group included you can click on one of the options underneath the chart and it will remove that group from the report. This is particularly helpful if you are specifically looking to compare two locations or departments against each other. Underneath the chart you will also be able to see total participation as both a number and a percentageThis can be exported at any time to a CSV by clicking the button in the top right of the screen

Audit Report

The audit report page is available by clicking on the audit page in the top of the page. This view gives a more detailed view into meetings that have happened by showing the specific participants, wether the meeting was marked as complete, and gives the ability to click in and view the details of what was discussed all in one view. This can also be exported at any point in time by clicking on export as CSV in the top right hand corner of the screen.

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