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Beginning May 2022 Customers have an option to begin using HelloTeam Rewards. This brings together an improved experience that includes being able to redeem peer recognition for gift cards and custom items, points distributing automatically for employee milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, and allows to send cards for the team to collaborate on. Find more information on each piece below:


Rewards are in the form of either custom items like PTO Days, Company Swag, etc. or Gift Cards from the nations largest retailers, some of whom are listed below. There are also options for many other countries beyond the United States. For an exact list please feel free to reach out to either your Client Services Consultant or a sales team member.

Employee Milestones

Easily set up an amount of points to be deposited automatically into your employee's accounts for either their birthday or anniversary from the settings. This makes sure it removes work and makes sure nobody is forgotten about. you are also able to determine the point to dollar ratio to ensure its the exact recognition program you are looking to build.

Group Cards

Allow teams to collaborate and add messages to any card for an employee. They will be notified to complete it and once done an admin is able to send it to whoever they would like.

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