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Admin Guide on how to create News articles and events.

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To create a News or Events post, you can do so in two different ways.

1. By clicking on the News or Events tab on the left-hand side menu.

2. By clicking Create News or Create Event directly from the dashboard.

3. Add your Title.

4. Create the content for the News article or Event.

You are able to add an image as a thumbnail for the news article or event, by clicking Add featured media.

5. Choose when you would like to publish the News or Events posting.

To publish right away, click the box next to immediately. To set a date, uncheck the box next to immediately and select the date and time from the calendar.

6. Select who you would like to see this News or Event posting.

By selecting the box to the left of Everyone, the whole organization will be able to view it.

To customize specifically who is able to see the posting, unselect the box to the left of Everyone. You are able to select which Team, Department or Location group.

7. Click Save.

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