To connect your PrismHR data to the HelloTeam platform, a user must be set up with API access to the fields listed below.

To set up a PrismHR user account:

  1. Open the Users form (found in the Back Office menu under System|Change)

  2. In the User ID field, enter the user ID with exactly the same spelling as the web services user ID.

  3. Select Service Provider from the User Type drop-down.

  4. Enter the user’s Name and Email Address.

  5. Enter the appropriate Client Access Group, which determines the client companies that the user can access.

  6. Enter one or more appropriate User Roles Each role determines what forms and fields the user can access in PrismHR.

  7. Ensure that Active User is selected.

  8. You can enter the other information, but it is optional.

  9. Click Save.

Step-by-step instructions can be found here:

Endpoints that HelloTeam will call for the integration are listed below:

Fields Required:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Preferred Name

  4. Position Title

  5. Department

  6. Location

  7. Date Hired

  8. Employment Type

  9. Email

  10. Reports To

  11. Termination Date

  12. Termination Type

  13. Termination Reason

Inputting the Credentials into HelloTeam

  • Under System Management on the left-hand menu, scroll down to Import Data

  • Select the PrismHR logo

  • Click on Manage Credentials

  • Enter in your PrismHR username, password, User ID & Client ID

  • Click the blue Save button

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