What is a Performance Review?

Getting Started Tips & Best Practices

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What is a Performance Review?

A Performance Review is a tool to help evaluate performance, acknowledge achievements, provide feedback and discuss goals.

What are the benefits?

Performance Reviews help frame future success. A review will help your organization identify training and development needs, open a line to more communication, increase employee retention, help in promotion planning and so much more.

Who participates in a performance review?

  • Employee

  • Peer

  • Manager

How do I prepare?

The best way to prepare for a Performance Review within your organization is to outline what it is you are looking to accomplish from having employees complete the review. Once you identify what it is you are looking for from the review process, find below what we recommend in doing to retrieve the best results possible!

What are you looking to measure in your Performance Review?

Before selecting your Performance Review approach and building the review, you want to start by thinking of the employee qualities you want to measure. Find below what we recommend, as well as common questions to be asked in the review in regard to the different aspects.

Career Development

  • What are the employee's key strengths?

  • What can the employee improve on?


  • How well does the employee manage others and groups of individuals?

  • What leadership skills does the employee exemplify?

Project Management

  • Does the employee demonstrate strong time management skills?

  • How is the employee’s approach to completing their work?


  • How well does the employee interact with co-workers?

  • Does the employee have a positive or negative attitude?

Problem Solving

  • How does the employee approach challenges?

  • Does the employee find creative solutions to fix problems?


  • How does the employee contribute to the organization?

  • How would you rate the quality of the employee’s work?

How can HelloTeam help me with our Performance Reviews?

Were glad you asked! Each organization has a preferred way to do things and that is perfectly okay. That is why we have designed HelloTeam’s Performance Review functionality to be not only efficient and easy to use but completely customizable.

What Performance Review schedule works best for you? Let's find out!

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