HelloTeam is here to help you build stronger communication, relationships, engagement and much more. Which is why we continue to strengthen our platform and make it best fit you and your organization’s needs. Keep reading to learn more about our recent updates and features!

One on One Templates

One on One’s in the workplace maintain employee engagement and strengthen relationships throughout the organization. HelloTeam has made it easy to stay on track and streamline communication during One on One’s with Talking Points.

We have now added in One on One Templates, for those talking points that are specific to a Department, Position, Team or even a topic. With our recent addition of Templates you are now able to accomplish the following:

  • HelloTeam Administrators can create and manage multiple One on One Templates.

  • Users have the ability to create their own templates on the "One on Ones" tab on their Profile.

  • When scheduling a One on One, users have the flexibility to choose if they want to use one of the company's templates or their own template.

Personal Goals defaulted to Private

Setting goals in an organization can help Employees feel more connected and accomplished to their overall work and contribution. Personal goals can help an Employee stay on track and feel more motivated to complete their tasks. These tasks may not be something you want the whole organization to be able to see.

With our recent update, Personal Goals are now defaulted private instead of public. Click here to learn more about goal setting in HelloTeam.

Addition to Due Date Dropdown

When creating a Goal, we have added “Next Quarter” to the dropdown menu when selecting a Due date. This will help you save time when adding in a next quarter goal.

Enhancements in Performance Reviews

Search for Employees

We have provided a search bar so you can easily search an Employee for their Results or check on their completion status.

Completion Percentage

A percentage will now be shown for the overall completion of the Performance Review.

Send Reminders

Send email reminders to Employees about their pending Performance Review(s).

Rich Text in Performance Reviews (and Surveys)

With our recent update in Performance Reviews, we provided more customization when creating a description. Now you can add rich text options like bold, italic, bullet points etc.

Additional Recent Improvements

  • Download Review and Survey Templates

  • Optimized Analytics for Performance Reviews

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