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Initial Setup and Best Practices

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Below is a list of best practices and tips that will ensure you have the best experience when using HelloTeam Learning.

  • What to avoid when taking a course:

    1. Do NOT close the HelloTeam Learning tab. When launching a course, the system will generate a new window for you to complete the course in. If you close the HelloTeam Learning window, your progress will not be tracked throughout the course.

    1. Do NOT take the HelloTeam learning course on your mobile device. We can not guarantee the course progress will be tracked if you are on a mobile device. If able, use a desktop computer.

    1. Before taking a course, make sure you have a strong internet connection. If you lose the internet, the system will continue to let you navigate through the course but your progress will not be saved.

    Here is what we recommend:

    • Google Chrome is the recommended browser

    • Always use the latest version of your browser software

    • Always exit lessons using the Exit Course button within the lesson

    • When exiting a lesson, allow the system to return to the course info page after clicking exit.

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