This articles explains how to add an internal course history for one or multiple learners.

Click the arrow to expand the admin menu.

Then select "More Admin Actions" from the very bottom of the expanded menu.

From the users page within the admin area select "Create Internal Course Histories for Users".

Select the learners you would like to create an internal courses history for. Move those learners names from the box on the left to the box on the right. Click the next button when done.

Select the courses you could like to add. Please Note: any certificates linked to these courses will be automatically awarded when finishing this process. Once you are done selecting courses, click the next button.

Chose the completion date for the enrollments. The status for the new course histories will be set to completed with the last activity date as you indicate here. Click Finish when you are ready.

This completes the process of adding an internal course history.

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