How to Enroll Learners into a Session

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This article explains how to enroll a learner or multiple learners in a Instructor Led Training session.

First you want to enroll the learner(s) into the course attached to the Instructor Led Training.

Once you have enrolled the learner into the course it's time to add them to an ILT session.

Select 'Sessions" from the administration menu.

Select "Assign user(s) to session", then click the next button.

Select the session you would like to assign a learner(s) to, then click the next button.

Select the learner(s) you want to add to your Instructor Led Training session, then click the next button.

The final step is pictured below. Select the "Assignment Action", then click the finish button. Your learner(s) is now assigned to your ILT session.

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