The instructions below explain how to add a new user to the Learning Management System. Please note - There are important additional notes towards the bottom of this article.

  1. Select Add a new user from the admin menu

Fill out the user information. The red asterisk designates a required field.


There have been several changes made to this page as of Spring 2019. Those options are pictured below

Read this section carefully

Force user to change password on next login.

  • Check this box if - You want the user to reset their password when logging in for the first time. The password you entered when creating the account WILL NOT WORK for the user. The user will need to create a new password after clicking the confirmation link within the notification email he/she received.

  • Uncheck this box if - You want to keep the password you entered when creating the account. The user will NOT be required to create their own password. The admin needs to communicate the password for the account to the learner.

Skip user/account verification (not recommended)

  • This option only shows up if an email address was entered when creating the account. We always recommend that the learner verify their email address. However, the admin can uncheck this box to skip the email verification process.

Click the next button when ready.


Continue to fill out additional user information. Nothing on this page is required. You will notice at the bottom of this page (pictured directly below) there is an area for

Roles. You will either see the red box with no roles or some roles that have already been set-up in your Learning Management System.

A role works very much like the groups functionality. A role is a way to organize a group of users in your system, so that you can assign them course enrollments all at once. For instance, a common set-up for roles would look something like this: store manages, managers, sales associates. Having a role here is not required. New roles can be set-up within the admin menu, on the groups page. Once you are finished, click the next button.

Add a user photo if you would like. This is not required.

Finally, if you're a group administrator, you'll have the option of adding this new user to a specific group(s). Move the desired group(s) from the left box to the right bow. Once you are done, click the finish button. This will complete the process of adding a new user to the system.

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