This article will walk you through the process of importing a list of users into your Learning Management System. Please note: this process is different than importing users using the Single Sign On process, also referenced as SSO.

Navigate to the "Users" page within the admin menu

Select "Import users from a file", then click the "Next" button

Select the group(s) you would like to import the list of users to by moving the group(s) from the left box to the right box. If you don't want to assign users to a group then skip this step. Click the "next" button when ready.

On this step you'll be able to export a template that you can use to import the users. Please see FAQ below regarding the import template. Click the "Next" button when ready.

Now that you have the template, you want to enter the learner info that you want to upload. Please note: the example below does not show all the data fields that are on the actual import sheet.

Required fields include: First Name, Last Name, Username, IsActive

Click the "Browse and Upload" button. Browse your computer for the completed import file. Click the "Next" button when ready.

The LMS will now process the upload. Once done, you'll see a page showing your results. If there any problems with your import, you'll see a detailed error message on this page. Otherwise, if there are no errors, click the "Finish" button. The process is done.


Q: Are the data fields customizable - Heading changing, removing unused fields?
A: No, but if you require a custom template for user import, HelloTeam Learning Technology can help you with the project. Please contact for more information.

Q: For the identifier what are the restrictions? Can it be both numbers and alpha? Is there a set number of characters?
A: This field can include both numbers and letters, must be unique for each user, and should be fewer than 255 characters in length.

Q: Can we do this in stages/groups? Or do we have to add all users at once?
A: Imports may be handled in stages or groups, but can also be imported all at once if preferred.

Q: For the username and password is that a field that will be automatically filled when you import or do we need to come up with them?
A: Usernames must be included and must be unique for each user. Randomly-generated passwords will be assigned automatically if left blank.

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