This article covers the process of creating a new catalog in your Learning Management System. Please note: specific permissions are required for this feature.

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Catalogs are used to organize content throughout the Learning Management System and may include sub-catalogs as needed. These catalogs and sub-catalogs may be restricted.

Click "Build Course Catalog & Layout" from the admin menu.

From the screen picture below, you have several options. For the purposes of this article we're going to click "Layout course catalog tree", then click the Next button.

Click "Create New Catalog"

You'll now be prompted to enter the following info:

  • Catalog Name:

  • Catalog Description:

  • Specify Catalog Color (not required)

You'll also be prompted to decide if this catalog is open to all users or is restricted to only certain users and/or groups in your LMS. Please Note: If you choose to restrict a catalog, all catalogs within the main catalog will be restricted as well.

Once you have entered in the required info, click the Save button.

Then, select "Click Here". You'll be returned to the main catalog page.

You'll now see the catalog you created. Click the catalog name you want to edit and/or add courses to.

Please Note: If you have multiple catalogs, you can change the order they appear in by left clicking the Icon to the left of the catalog name, then drag and drop to the new order you would like.

You'll now see various options listed below. For the purposes of this article, we'll be adding a course. Click "Attach Course(s)".

You'll now be prompted to select courses to add to your catalog. Helpful tip - You can hold down the control key on your keyboard to select multiple courses. Once you've selected your course(s), click the "Save" button.

Click the "Done" button.

You'll now see your new catalog on the training homepage. See image below.

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