This article covers the various options when configuring a catalog in the Learning Management System.

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You may turn catalog elements and functionality on or off by checking the boxes pictures below. Click Save when you are complete.

Scroll down for detailed explanations of each option.

Hide Course Catalog from learners
This will hide or display all course catalogs for all users in your Learning Management System.

List "orphaned" courses on the root level
An orphaned course is a course that is not in any catalog. When this option is off, these courses will not be listed in the course catalog or search results. When turned on, these courses will appear on the main level of the course catalog next to your top-level catalogs. Note that if you turn this option on then all courses, even those that you have not finished configuring, will be available in the course catalog unless you place them in a restricted catalog.

Enable Training Calendar
Checking this box will display the Training Calendar on both the My Information and Training pages. The Training Calendar displays upcoming ILT sessions, due and expiring enrollments for a learner. View this article for more information on this feature.

Enable Course Catalog Search
This will hide or display the search feature in your Learning Management System.

Hide restricted catalog names from users that do not have access
If you have created restricted catalogs and you select this option, those catalogs will not appear in any listing to users that do not have access to them. Leaving this option off will show the catalog names, however those users will be blocked from accessing them.

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