This article covers the process of importing your SCORM file into the LMS (Learning Management System). This results in the creation of a SCORM learning object. Other topics include: how to modify lesson details, test, replace and delete your lesson.

*See additional notes on SCORM towards the bottom of this article.


SCORM is a learning industry authoring model standard that dictates how to create content so that it can be uploaded and used in SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems.

SCORM files are created through the use of an authoring tool such as: Storyline and Captivate.

The HelloTeam LMS is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 3RD Edition compliant.

Here is how to upload your SCORM learning object:


Select Learning Objects from the admin menu.

Click the button titled "Add/Edit SCORM Content" (pictured below).

See below the main options for handling SCORM learning objects (pictured below).

Upload a New Content Package

  • Use this option for uploading your SCORM file into the LMS. Once your SCORM file has been uploaded, a SCORM learning object will be created. The title of that SCORM learning object is pulled from the title you defined in your SCORM file.

Replace an Existing SCORM learning object

  • Once your SCORM file has been uploaded, you can replace that SCORM file using this option. Replacing a SCORM learning object does not affect any of the SCORM learning object settings.

Modify Existing SCORM or ILT Lesson (Scroll down for more details on this option)

  • This is where you would edit your SCORM learning object settings, like lesson title, define the content type, define your passing score and allow multiple attempt, etc.

Preview/Debug a Lesson

  • Selecting this option will allow you to test your SCORM Learning Object. While the lesson is running, you can also view the SCORM API Log to check for errors.

Delete Lesson

  • Deleting a lesson will remove the SCORM file from the LMS, along with the related lesson info.

How to Modify Existing SCORM (Also knows as lesson)

Once the SCORM file has been uploaded, a SCORM learning object will be created. Now, you want to want to modify the settings for that lesson.

HOW TO MODIFY SCORM learning objects

To modify a SCORM learning object select "Modify existing SCORM or ILT lesson" from the "Add/Edit SCORM Content" menu. Then click the "Next" button. (Pictured below)

Here is the path from the main admin menu - Admin >> Learning Objects >> Add/Edit SCORM Content >> Modify Existing SCORM or ILT lesson

Once you click the "Next" button, you will see many options to customize your SCORM learning object.

Lesson Title

Enter the lesson title here. Lesson titles show up in several places throughout the Learning Management System.

Content Type

Select the type of lesson here.

  • Online Lesson - SCORM file

  • Classroom Lesson - Instructor Led Training (non SCORM)

  • Online Quiz/Test - Assessment (non SCORM)

Content Package Size

The system displays the size of your SCORM file. In this example the file size is 4.77 MB.

Multiple Attempts

By default, a learner can attempt a lesson an unlimited amount of times. If you want to only allow one attempt at a lesson, check the box titled "Disallow multiple attempts (pictured below).

Mastery/Passing Score

This option is only relevant if you have a quiz within your lesson. If you do, you can choose to set a mastery (passing) score. The default setting is pictured below. If you do not want a mastery score, remove the check mark.

Enforce Maximum Time Allowed

This option allows you to set a specific amount of time for the learner to take your lesson. By default, this option is set to allow an unlimited amount of time. If you do want to set a time limit then place a check in the box titled "Enforce Maximum Time Allowed" and enter your time information.

Resume Options

This option allows a learner to bookmark their lesson if they close it for any reason. When the learner reopens the lesson they will continue where they left off. See available options pictured below. Always provide resume data (bookmarking) is set by default.

Launch Window Properties

This option allows you to define the lesson window size for the learner. It is recommenced that you keep these default settings picture below for better usability.

Click the "Finish" button to save your changes.


  • SCORM files may be uploaded up to 500MB.

  • SCORM files need to be in the zip file format (.zip).

  • SCORM files themselves cannot be edited, only the learning object settings. If there is a need to edit a SCORM file, use the "Replace" function described above.

  • When a SCORM file is replaced learner's who were taking the lesson would need to start the lesson over. Learner's that have completed the lesson prior to the replacement will not be affected.


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