This article covers how to change a password for a user.

Changing a Password for a User

Select "More User Actions" from the admin menu.

Select "Change Password for a user". Click the next button.

Select the learner that you would like to change the password for. Click the next button.

You will now see the main area where you can update the password for the learner. Enter the new password into the boxes. Notice the eye icon. Click this to see the password.

Also, make sure to read the very important section below this image for more explanation on this process. Click the finish button when ready.


Force user to change password on next login.

If this box is checked - Learners will be prompted to update their password upon their next login. The idea is that the administrator updates the password for the learner, communicates that password to the learner and then the learner creates a new password upon login.

If this box is unchecked - The administrator will communicate the new password to the learner and the learner can simply login with that password and not have to change it.

Additional Information Regarding Passwords

For security, the new password must have a length between 6 and 25 characters. It must include at least: one UPPER case letter, one lower case letter and one digit. The new password will not be sent to the user via e-mail which is why it is recommended to force the password to be changed on the user's next login.

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