This article covers how to use HelloTeam Learning’s preview/debug feature within the LMS to troubleshoot SCORM learning objects. Please note: This article is not intended to resolve SCORM issues. This article is ended to point you in the right direction to troubleshoot.

By default, this feature is only available to super admins. Permissions to access this feature can be given to other users by a super admin. To access the preview/debug feature click through the admin menu as follows >> Admin Menu >> Learning Objects

>> Add/Edit SCORM Content.

You'll see the menu pictured below. Select Preview/Debug a lesson. Click the next button.

Select the SCORM learning object that you would like to troubleshoot. Click the preview button. In the example pictured below, we're selecting the lesson titled "Basics of Digital Literacy".

You'll see the lesson launch in a new window. Within this current window (not the new window that launched) you'll see two areas of imagination. Picture below. The image to the left (1) displays the SCORM communications trace. The image on the right (2) is the SCORM inspector. You'll then want to navigate to the new browser window containing the lesson and progress through the lesson. As you do this, you'll see different information displayed in the two areas pictured below.

Image 1 - SCORM Communication Trace

The communications trace is the first place you want to check for errors. Errors will show up in a different color, usually red or orange and they range from badly formed titles to truncated data (text that is too long). If errors are displaying here, you should notify your course developer.

Image 2 - SCORM Inspector

The SCORM inspector displays various information, most notably the field titled "lesson_status". See picture below. When you have completed the lesson, check this data field. If the lesson is working correctly, then you'll see "completed" status. If you have completed the lesson and you see "incomplete" then your SCORM learning object is not tracking properly. This is an issue that needs to be addressed within the lesson file.

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