This article covers how to use Chrome Developer Tools to help troubleshoot SCORM files.

Please note: This article is not intended to resolve SCORM issues. This article is ended to point you in the right direction to troubleshoot.

Preview/Debug a Lesson

To start this process, you'll need to be on the main page to add/edit SCORM content.

Select "Learning Objects" from the admin menu, then "Add/Edit SCORM Content". You'll see the menu pictured below. Select "Preview/Debug a lesson". Then, click the next button.

Select the lesson you would like to troubleshoot. Then, click the preview button button. In the example pictured below we're troubleshooting lesson Blogs as Marketing Engines.

The lesson will launch. You may be prompted to allow the pop-up, which you want to do. Using the Google Chrome browser, right click the lesson window and left click "Inspect", as pictured below. In some instances, you will not be able to right click the lesson. In this case, use the shortcut command - Ctrl+Shift+I.

Click the console tab.

You will now see code your SCORM learning object is producing as it runs. If there are errors with the file you will see them here. See image below. You'll see there are multiple errors regarding resources not loading properly.

There are many different error messages that could display here and they will not always tell you exactly what the problem is. We recommend searching the error message using Google. You will most likely find a support forum with helpful information to help troubleshoot.

Also, if you see error messages here, it most cases, the problem exists within the lesson file, not the LMS itself. Scorm Cloud is a great resource to testing learning objects.

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