This article will cover the various settings for SCORM learning objects and also help with troubleshooting as well.


Once a SCORM learning object is uploaded into the system, you want to view/adjust the settings for the learning object. To do this, you'll need to select "Modify existing SCORM or ILT lesson" from the main menu for managing a SCORM learning object, pictured below.

Select "Learning Objects" from the admin menu, then "Add/Edit SCORM Content" and finally, "Modify existing SCORM or ILT lesson".

To begin editing the settings, select "Modify existing SCORM or ILT lesson". Click the next button.

Select the learning object you would like to manage settings for. Click the next button. In the example pictured below, we're editing Coaching Your Employees - Part 1

See below for various setting options and descriptions for those options.

  • Lesson Title
    Allows the admin to manage the title of your SCORM learning object.

  • Content Type
    Defines if the learning object is an online lesson, online quiz or classroom lesson.

  • Content Package Size
    Simply displays the size of the SCORM file.

  • Multiple Attempts
    Defines if learners can attempt the lesson more than once. By default, this is set to unlimited attempts.

  • Enforce Mastery/Passing Score?
    Defines if the passing score for the final quiz/assessment should be enforced. By default, this is set to yes.

  • Enforce Maximum Time Allowed
    Defines if there is a specific amount of time that is allowed for the learner to take the lesson and if that time is enforced.

  • Resume Options
    Defines if learner's can continue a lesson where they left off after closing and re-opening a lesson.

  • Launch Window Properties
    Defines if learner's can adjust the lesson window within the browser. By default, this is set to yes.


Allow or disallow multiple attempts

If learner's are reporting that they are locked out of a lesson after failing a quiz then it's most likely because this setting is checked. You want to make sure the option "Disallow multiple attempts" is not checked off, then learner's will be allowed to retake lessons.

Enforcing Mastery/Passing Score

If a learner fails a quiz within a lesson, but that lesson registers as completed, then you want to check this setting. You should always have this box checked if your lesson (SCORM learning object) includes a graded quiz and/or assessment.

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