This article covers various course settings that could lead to confusion with admins and learner's if not set properly. Please review article "How to Create and Edit a Course" for a more detailed breakdown of each step.

Please Note: Accessing this portion of the LMS requires either a super admin access level or specific permissions given by a super admin.


To edit a course select "courses" from the admin menu, then "Edit an Existing Course", as pictured below, then click the next button.

Select the course to edit, then click the next button. In the example picture below we're editing the hand washing course.

You'll now see the Edit Course Wizard pictured below.

Edit the various settings as you see fit.

  • Course Name

  • Course Description

  • Course Objectives

  • Lesson Length

Important - Self Enrollment Setting

You'll also see an option for self enrollment. If this option is not checked learners will be able to enroll themselves in courses. If this box is checked then administrations will need to enroll learner's in courses manually.

When ready, click the next button.

Add Learning Objects

Select which learning objects you would like included in your course by moving them from the left box to the right box. To remove a SCORM Leaning object from a course, move the learning object from the right box to the left box.

Important - For Credit/Required

If lessons are being marked as complete and/or passed without the learner finishing them, this is the setting you want to look at. You want to make sure the box picture below on the right is checked. This makes sure learner's need to completed everything within the lesson to pass. Click the next button.

Designate a course expert if you would like. An expert could be someone in your Learning Management System or someone outside that can be contacted with questions relating to the course and the content within the course. If there is no expert, select none. Once you are finished, click the next button.

Add any prerequisite courses by moving them from the left box to the right box. Any prerequisite courses added here would need to be completed by the learner prior to accessing this course. If there are no prerequisite courses, leaving the right box blank and click the finish button.

This is the final page of the course wizard. Click the finish button to complete your changes.

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