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This video teaches how to create, edit and delete assessments in HelloTeam Learning.

How to Create an Assessment

  1. Admin Tab.

  2. Courses.

  3. Add, Edit Course Assessments.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Select Create New Assessment.

  6. Add a Title and Description.

  7. Select the Mastery/Passing Score.

    1. This is the passing score to achieve in order to pass this assessment.

  8. Option to impose a time limit.

  9. Option to order the questions static or random.

  10. Option to allow multiple attempts.

  11. Click Save and Add Questions.

  12. Select Create New Question.

    1. Multiple Answer.

    2. Multiple Choice.

    3. True or False.

  13. Type out the question.

  14. Provide the answers for the question.

  15. Select which question is the correct answer.

  16. Add a score.

    1. Questions can have a different amount of points that they are worth.

    2. When determining the score, we recommend the following.

Determining the Score

  • Have each question in the assessment, score up to 100. For example, if you had 10 questions in the assessment, have each question be worth 10.

  • Another option is to have each question in the assessment with the same score. For example, each question is worth 100.

17. Option to provide feedback.

a. For example, if they select this answer a message can appear saying "Good job!"

18. Click Save.

19. Continue to build out more questions in the assessment by selecting Create New Question.

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