Have you ever thought to gather data on your courses, take polls from amongst your group members, or regularly update your staff with live real-time feedback from your participants?

Now HelloTeam Learning includes the option to utilize our powerful Self Authoring Tools to easily create Surveys, and quickly put them where they will give you the information you want.

How It Works:

  • A new assessment option: “Treat Assessment as a Survey” has been introduced in the assessment settings with proper instructions/information.

  • Once this is toggled, the assessment will continue to “capture” the user’s input. It will only display a thank you message when the assessment has been completed.

  • No score will be shown in the course page for the learner

  • Once there is at least 1 user who has interacted with the survey, the assessment-survey will be locked for changing it back to a regular assessment.

  • If gamified, certain gamification effects will remain but the survey will not be shown in the leaderboard.

  • Everything else works the same way as the classic Course Assessment

Step 1: Build your Survey Assessment

Creating a Survey Assessment is straightforward, and can be done from the Course Assessments Wizard:

A. Create your Survey Assessment

  1. From the Main Navbar travel to Admin >> Courses >> Add/Edit Course Assessments

Click Next.

Click Create new assessment button to design your survey.

Fill in the Title and Short Description about your Survey,

To make this a Survey, make sure the "Treat this Assessment as a Survey" check box is set to "yes"

Click Save Assessment.

B. Adding questions to your Survey Assessment

Add Multiple Answer, Multiple Choice, and True / False Questions to your Survey.

Click create new question.

Select your question type from the dropdown menu

Create your question by filling out the form and click save to register changes to go back to the Survey Assessment page.

*Survey Assessment questions will not need correct answers. They will not be scored or report scoring the same way that a Course Assessment would.

Step 2: Deploy your Survey Assessment

Your new Survey Assessment can be assigned to any Course the same way as any Learning Object.

  1. Navigate to the Courses Page Homepage >> Admin >> Courses

Select Edit an existing course and click next.

Search for and Select the course you wish to add the Survey Assessment to then click next.

Click next to get to the Add Learning Objects section

Find, Click and Drag your Survey Assessment you want to include over to the Right Column

Click next to continue. forwards make additional changes. Click Finish to confirm changes.

Step 3: Accessing your Survey Assessment Data

Results from a Survey Assessment can be accessed through our Reporting Tool, by pulling an Interaction Data type Report.

For more detailed instructions on using the Reporting Tools, please reference the link below

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