Admin Access Level

The “group admin” is any user granted administrator permissions over one or many groups and/or roles. These group admins may or may not be included in the groups over which they have been granted permissions.

The specific permissions granted to group admins are determined by the client and are applied only to groups specified during permission configuration – see “LMS Permissions” for more information.

Group Admin Tasks

All tasks included in “standard learner
Reporting with all data limited to constituent users

  • Access default reports

  • Create custom reports with self-defined parameters

  • Save custom reports

  • Export custom reports

  • Create user and group overview reports

User management permissions with accessibility limited to constituent user accounts

  • Add, modify users

  • Login as user

  • Delete users

  • Disable/enable users

  • Execute evaluations

  • Change user passwords

  • Change user access to catalogs

  • Set permissions for users

  • Enroll users in courses

  • Remove users from courses

  • Create course histories

  • Reset course histories

  • Reset lesson histories

  • Award certificates

  • Revoke certificates

  • Merge user accounts

· Group management permissions with accessibility limited to constituent user accounts

  • Modify group details

  • Enroll group members in courses

  • Remove group members from courses

Standard Learner Access Level

The “standard learner” is any user with no administrator permissions at either the group or system level. They may be grouped into one or many groups and/or roles with catalog and course access governed accordingly based on administrative configuration.

Standard Learner Tasks

  • Log in to system*

  • View LMS home page, which includes client-specified content (videos, links, etc.)

  • Update personal profile information*

  • Update profile photo

  • View, export, and print enrollment transcripts

  • View, save, and print awarded certificates

  • View and access current, overdue, and completed enrollments

  • View expired enrollments

  • View “other courses of interest” based on other learner enrollments*

  • Search and navigate training catalog*

  • View course details

  • Enroll and launch self-enroll-able courses*

  • Resume course from most recent progress point

  • View system-contextual “help” videos*

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