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Performance Review FAQ

Q: How do I get to my Performance Reviews?

A: On the left hand side menu, click the tab that reads Performance Reviews. From here, you will see all of the pending reviews that are assigned to you. On the far right hand side, click Do Review.

Q: Where can I see the results of my Performance Review?

A: When the Active Period for your Performance Review is closed, you are able to see your results by navigating to the My Profile tab on the left hand side menu. Click on the Reviews tab at the top.

Q: What does the red star next to a question mean?

A: This indicates that the question is mandatory.

Q: Why am I unable to submit my Performance Review?

A: This could mean a Mandatory question has not been answered. Confirm that questions that show a red star next to it, have been completed.

Q: What happens if I do not complete my review in the Voting Possible window?

A: Please contact your Direct Manager or your HelloTeam Administrator.

Q: How come my current goals are not showing on the right hand side of my Performance Review?

A: The goals showing on the right hand side are in relation to the Review Period that the Review is for. Meaning, the goals that were assigned to you during the time you are being reviewed for. To see more goals, use the filter.

Q: Do answers in Performance Reviews automatically save without hitting submit?

A: Yes, responses in Performance Reviews automatically save. Once you have finalized your Review, click the green Submit button.

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